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Madrid in, Language and Culture, is an educational organisation, born in Austin, Texas in 2011 and founded by a group of international educators with a clear vocation for excellence. Since 2013, we are based in UK, where our partnership with the best local schools enables us to offer the best English programmes at really competitive rates. We also have Spanish programmes for local adults and children.

We are a Community Interest Company (CIC), which means that we operate to provide a benefit to the community. And we do this through our focus in providing language and cultural programmes for children and adults. We are not strictly 'not for profit' or charity but our purpose as a CIC is primarily one of community benefit. 

For that reason we have specific programmes for teachers, as we understand that improving teachers' competence is an effective way of improving education.


We are professional educators. We know about teaching languages, we help you with the best resources, techniques and strategies to improve your skills. 

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