Host families needed!

In the last few years, we have been creating a loyal group of host families who enjoy, every summer, the experience of having a guest at home for a few weeks, normally in July or August.

We are growing fast, and on Summer 2017 we will be receiving an important group of teachers from Spain, as a part of our agreement with some of the most important teachers´ organisation in the country. 

This group of young professionals, who come to England to learn English by taking an intensive course in Reading town centre, are ideal guests for all kind of families, from couples to single adults, with or without children... all sizes and types of families are welcome.

host family

What are they looking for? 


A host family is supposed to provide with a room (ideally for individual use) fully furnished and equipped.


Most times breakfast and dinner is provided by the host family. Breakfast is generally self service style, so you only have to make sure it is available... 


The main reason of choosing a host family as accommodation option is, for these students, to have the opportunity to engage in some daily conversation / informal chat with the hosts. 

What do we offer?


We pay much better than any other agencies as our interest is just find them a good place, not to make a profit out of it. Our range of payments to families as compensation for your expenses are between £140 to £160

Hosting a foreign student is, as well, a great cultural experience for your family. 

We will help you through the easy  process of becoming a host family.  contact now!

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